Section 2

Victory In Jesus 

If you're anything like me, you've asked the Lord, "Father, since your Word says we have the victory, especially over sin, why don't I?"

Decades ago, while singing the old hymn "Victory in Jesus", I knew the bottom line meant that we who are saved win. That it's because Jesus SAVED us that we have the victory. And this was, as you may know yourself, so comforting; even exciting!

But as the years passed, I didn't feel so victorious. I saw myself operating in cycles of the same old sin - despite being a devout Christian. I had learned in the Word that I had power over sin through Jesus. But this power seemed lost to me. Where was it?

The truth is the power wasn't lost. It was still in me. But the clever kingdom of darkness knew how to push my buttons and influence my belief system so he could veil it. The reason the power of Christ in me seemed lost was because I listened to what the enemy had to say and was more concerned about his power to prevail against me which meant I didn't yet believe or KNOW the validity of the power of Christ in me. Therefore, though in me, it was lost to me. The seed was in there. It had even taken root. I know it did because of how thrilled I was in knowing that the victory was mine through Christ, when singing the hymn throughout the years before.

But that old serpent... Just as the devil snatches up the seeds that fell on the path, he still had profound influence over my soul to peck away at my belief system, at my sure confidence in that victory. Remember, the dark kingdom has had thousands of years to perfect their strategies. We may have been born recently, but the dark kingdom wasn't. They know what works and how to mess with believers just the right way to get them all discombobulated. 
Though I knew that the victory through Christ was a sure thing... I didn't "know" it. Not when the circumstances of my life continued to look dark. Not when I remain defeated. And certainly not when I lived on a "sin-don't sin" seesaw for years. 

Please understand it was my lack of assurance in the truth that hindered the power and victory from taking manifest form in me. It was in me, but wasn't able to manifest due to my lack of resolve for and confidence in it.
So what's a believer to do when the devil is so clever and is all up in our business when we don't even realize it?
That's what the Church is for. We're supposed to be there to mentor, teach and guide one another. And fortunately, many people are helped out of their discombobulation and into truth by the elders. But, sadly, the enemy has done so well to infiltrate the Church better and better over the decades that he's been quite successful at hindering the body from caring for, equipping, and raising up new believers soundly. 

But no need to despair. God saw this day coming. It's all a part of how things go in the final hours. He speaks about how in these last days the Church will be a mess. Yes, that's what He said. People will be lovers of themselves. They'll chase doctrines that tickle their ears. The love of many will wax cold, etc. There will even be a huge falling away from the Church (2 Thessalonians 2)! So, it's all par for the course. All the mess in us and in the Church should not be this way, but it is this way because of the hour we are in. The antichrist is soon to rise...And Jesus is soon to return.

So take heart, everything is going to be okay soon.

Meanwhile, God is delivering the true Children of God from their mess. He's calling us out of our discombobulation and breaking the power of the devil off our minds and souls! He's showing us how to align with the truth so that His manifest power finally DOES TAKE OVER in us. We are rising up! 
So where are you? Are you resolved in the knowledge of the victory of Christ in you? Or are you like I once was... defeated despite the power of God that is in us? 

Perhaps you'd like to listen to and read the lyrics to that old hymn, "Victory in Jesus". Remind your soul of the amazing, beautiful truth of the victory of Christ in you! And own it!