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Registration Instructions:  

1) Enter a minimum amount of $5.95 and then tick the box to "Make this a Monthly Donation".  This is an honor system. Please note that this ministry does not raise funds by allowing advertisers to promote their products placing ads all over the program pages. Such ads are intrusive and slow pages down. Therefore a small monthly donation is required to pay for the costs of the ministry and otherwise.

2) Note that whatever amount you enter will be deducted from your bank/credit card every month on the same date.  Be sure the amount is correct before finalizing the payment. 

3)  If after the first month you are dissatisfied with the program for any reason and no longer wish to be a member, please email [email protected] and request to be unsubscribed and your monthly payment cancelled.

4) Important: Once you complete the payment, WAIT to be directed to the registration page. Do not Exit the page. ​​

5) Once you are subscribed, you'll begin receiving message modules immediately - and up to three per week in addition to prayers and guidance.  You'll receive these for well over a year. The original itinerary as displayed on the website has expanded greatly so it is not accurate and is unclear at this time how long the program will actually run. 

6) Once the program has completed, you'll receive a passcode to the Member Center whereby you'll have direct access to nearly 200 lesson module titles and devotionals to revisit as needed.

7) Finally, PLEASE HAVE INTEGRITY and not share any member exclusive materials or links with non-members without permission.

8) And now... Click the following button to enter your monthly payment minimum of $5.95 to get started. And remember, do not exit after you've made the payment. You'll be directed to the registration page.