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Lesson 6

Routing The Enemy: Power Like  A Lightening Bolt

          This is a personal story about an experience I had as a babe in Christ in 1992. I was a single mother of a five year old little girl, and a two year old little boy.
          Depression had always been a part of the fabric of my life but there were times that I had bouts so severe I could barely move. Getting my two year old a drink of water was overwhelming, like climbing a mountain with one leg and one arm. I can still remember his little voice begging me to get him a 'dwink' and feeling like 5,000 pounds of sludge, coming to tears for his having to beg for some water.
          Though it's clinically proven that there is a myriad of chemicals out of balance in someone with depression, I found out one night that the kingdom of darkness definitely has its hand in depression, too. 
          My children and I hadn't left the house for three weeks. This was highly unusual since we were very active in our church, and I had a few different Christian friends with children in the neighborhood that we regularly hung out with. I was just so depleted. I'd just lie in bed or on the couch as much as my children would allow it. My house was a wreck. The dishes and laundry were both piled a mile high. I just kept saying, "Lord, please send someone to help me." I was too weak and embarrassed to call anyone. I just kept hoping one of my friends would call or show up. And what's strange was nobody ever did which was so unusual. To this day, I believe there was spiritual influence behind that, perhaps even the Lord's, because I was about to experience an awakening that I wouldn't have, had someone showed up or called.
          After the kids were in bed one night, I was lying on the couch listening to some Holy Spirit teaching tapes, I believe on the subject of God's authority. The message wasn't helping (or so I thought) so I just shut it off and began crying out to God over my situation. I needed help. I began pleading with God to help me, to have someone show up or call the next day. I asked Him why He wouldn't answer my prayer and just send someone to the door. What I expected they'd do, I don't know. But that's what I was crying out for very specifically when suddenly, I heard the Lord say, "You do not need someone to come to your door, the Helper is in you!" 
          I can't remember exactly how He said it but upon telling me the Helper was in me, I knew instantly it was the Holy Spirit who was the Helper and that His authority in me was my source of help. My help was the authority of God. It's difficult to explain, it all happened in an instant. One minute I was lying there begging for help, the next minute I knew with all manner of knowing that the authority of the glorious, all powerful Helper was in me.
          Suddenly a surge of energy and joy overtook me. It was purely supernatural. I jumped up off the couch (at like 1:00 a.m.) with such passion and vigor I could have climbed a mountain. And I instantaneously found myself praising the Lord with tremendous passion, saying, "This is Holy Ground! These are Holy hands! The Lord is HERE, RIGHT HERE IN ME, and He is Holy!" I felt the power of God fill me from head to foot. I felt on fire. I felt electrified. I knew "The Authority" was in me. I didn't just know aboutthe Authority, I was experiencing Him. His reality was suddenly very plain and apparent to me! What that actually meant beyond the fire surging in me, I didn't know. All I knew is, it was. 
          After several minutes of passionately praising the Lord, dancing around the living room without a care in the world, feeling as light as a feather, the Lord told me to go upstairs and pray for my little girl. She, too, had been struggling with peculiar fears and issues. So I obeyed and tiptoed into her bedroom, standing over her. I began taking authority over her regarding the issues, declaring the truth for her. I was still completely caught up in the awe and wonder of God in me and a couple minutes later, I found myself praying in an unknown language! I had been asking for the gift of tongues and here it was! Of course, I was whispering super quietly, but this stuff was coming out of my mouth that I knew was from God. Then after just a minute of this, I found myself praying in English, praising the Lord again, declaring "this is Holy ground", practically screaming inside of myself that the Holy God was in me. It was so profound. I honestly cannot convey it well enough. But anyway, then I would go back to praying in tongues, then back to English. It went back and forth like this a few times when suddenly, without thinking, my right hand flew upwards towards Heaven and out of my mouth (quietly) came, "Father, Pour out your power like a lightening bolt!"
          Immediately after saying that (again, in a whisper) my two year old baby boy two doors down shouted, "NO!" in his sleep. I NEVER heard him talk in his sleep before. And it stunned me. I just stood there frozen for maybe twenty seconds when the Lord said, "Keep praising Me".  So, I resumed doing exactly as I had been, speaking in tongues, then praising God in English, back and forth for a few minutes, until again, without thinking, my hand flew up to Heaven and out of my mouth came, "Father, Pour out your power like a lightening bolt!"
          Immediately upon my saying that the second time, my son two doors down cried out violently in his sleep, "I DON'T WANT TO!" I was stunned once more. Something was going on, but I had no idea what. I just stood there frozen. And after twenty seconds or so, God said, "Keep praising Me".  So, I resumed doing the same thing, going back and forth between praying in tongues, and then praising God in English. But this time I heard, "Peace. Go to bed". So, I did.
          In the morning, I woke to the sun shining through the windows and for the first time in a long time, I felt alive and got busy taking care of some much needed housework. A few hours later, low and behold, the phone rings. Finally, a friend calling. One of my best friends, actually. 
          As I cleaned that morning, I felt this sense of a "holy hush" because I was still so stunned and in awe. I felt such reverance for God. What exactly happened? Whatever it was, it felt so holy that I dared not even ask God. It was as though God's handprint was so heavy on the matter that all I could do now was bow before Him. So, this was where my spirit was, humbled and prostrate before His Majesty. That's how intense the awe was. You know how when you are a child and you know not to overstep and presume the right to something from an adult, out of respect and reverance? That's kind of how it felt; only with awe. So, I resolved to not even ask the Father, "What was that?". 
          When my best friend called and she asked about what had been going on, I had trouble bringing myself to speak of the holy matter, but ultimately told her everything that had happened. And despite sounding nutty, I even shared how each time I cried, "Father, pour out your power like a lightening bolt", my son shouted "no!" the one time, and "I don't want to!" the other. To my surprise I heard her sobbing and asked what was wrong. She replied, "Paula, when you said 'Father pour out your power like a lightening bolt', God said to the enemy, "GET OUT!" and the enemy said no. And then when you said it again, God said to the enemy, "I SAID TO GET OUT!" and the enemy said, "I don't want to!".  Once more, I was stunned.
          Now, how the enemy could tell God no, I do not know. Perhaps it was that my angels were there fighting the demons, commanding them to leave, but they were obviously resisting. But that's why God spoke to me twice, "Keep praising Me", because this was what empowered my angels to win the battle. And perhaps, by then, God showed up personally to route them! Psalm 68:1 says, "Let God arise and His enemies be scattered...".  As I praised God, His authority rose up in me, His manifest presence took over - and scattered the evil that had been dominating me so severely those three weeks!
          But that's not the end of the story. A month or two had passed and I had come upon the following passage which reads:

"The cords of death entangled me;
    the torrents of destruction overwhelmed me.
The cords of the grave coiled around me;
    the snares of death confronted me.
(That's how I felt)
In my distress I called to the Lord;
    I cried to my God for help
From his temple he heard my voice;
    my cry came before him, into his ears.
The earth trembled and quaked,
    and the foundations of the mountains shook;
    they trembled because he was angry.
Smoke rose from his nostrils;
    consuming fire came from his mouth,
    burning coals blazed out of it.
He parted the heavens and came down;
    dark clouds were under his feet.
He mounted the cherubim and flew;
    he soared on the wings of the wind.
He made darkness his covering, his canopy around him—
    the dark rain clouds of the sky.
Out of the brightness of his presence clouds advanced,
    with hailstones and bolts of lightning.
The Lord thundered from heaven;
    the voice of the Most High resounded.
He shot his arrows and scattered the enemy,
    with great bolts of lightning he routed them."
Psalm 18:4-14

​          Once more... I was stunned. That passage disclosed exactly what I had just personally experienced. At first, I assumed the Lord led me to it to confirm that what happened really was of Him. But no, that wasn't it because I was already certain of this. No, the reason He led me to it was to show me His heart for me. To show me His passion for ME! Suddenly it hit me that God did not just help me because He is a good God that is well able. No, He did it because He was FURIOUS with what the enemy was doing to His daughter! 

​"The earth trembled and quaked,
    and the foundations of the mountains shook;
    they trembled because he was angry."

Psalm 18:7

         Was God kicked back in Heaven with His feet up getting a manicure or chilling over a cup of tea? No, He wanted me to see that because I cried out to Him for help, He flew down in fury and poured out His power like a LIGHTENING BOLT!

"He shot his arrows and scattered the enemy,
    with great bolts of lightning he routed them."
Psalm 18:14

Wow.  God loves us! He doesn't just help to be nice. God passionately wants to route the enemy on our behalf. But if that's the case, why didn't He just do it on day one, when the severe depression came over me? Well, He probably would have had I sincerely cried out to Him for help. But I didn't. I whimsically, in between sighs from a distance, not even looking His way, talked "at" Him, requesting that He please send someone to help me. True, that was still asking, but, I wasn't addressing God directly, so there's a lesson in this.  Have you ever had someone throw comments or requests at you as they walked by, never even looking at you? Like they knew you were there but didn't have the courtesy of acknowledging you? That's what we do to God sometimes. We need to not be so rude and humble ourselves before His throne and petition Him directly, not just talk at Him from afar. Because it wasn't until I actually went into a deliberate conversation with Him, directly, to cry out to Him over the matter that He responded.
          Please don't take this that I'm saying God won't answer us if we just off the cuff cry help. No, there are certainly desperate moments where we cry out to God and He'll answer on the spot. Let's not turn this into a legalistic doctrine where you must follow a specific protocol before being heard by God. The key is not talk at God, but to Him from the belly, from the core, directly. The night God rose up in me, I had finally addressed Him for real. And it was only for a few moments, too. There was nothing religious or profound in my approach. I  simply engaged Him from my heart, this time.
          So wow... So many lessons in this:

  1. Engage God for real, from the heart. Cry out to Him with earnest intent for Him to hear you.
  2. Praising God truly makes Him manifest present. Keep praising Him until the job is done.
  3. When you pray in tongues, you don't even have to think about it; it just happens.
  4. God isn't just casually on our side. He's the most passionate Father you could ever imagine, full of zeal and desire to do powerful things for us. And He's especially infuriated over what the enemy does to His children.

          After this happened, depression never had quite the same hold on me. It was a battle for several more years due to the PTSD and all the other false programming in my soul that had yet to be undone, along with the chemistry / hormone side of things. But even though I'd go through several bouts thereafter, I wasn't as spiritually debilitated. But honestly, I wasn't always spiritually conscious of the authority of God in me all the time, either. I was not always mindful of what I had learned that night. My transformation was still a major work in progress, with so very much wrong in my soul and belief system. But as the years passed and God re-programmed me according to truth more and more, all the truths began to come together and become my constant. Though not 100% constant, far more constant. Consequently, depression remains a propensity but hasn't had the upper hand in several years now. Even despite PTSD and chemical imbalance!

​          But what about you? Do you have a history of depression? If so, I speak to the Authority in you to rise up. I speak to your soul to be reworked according to all truth - and all false belief systems and dark kingdom programming to be undone. And I ask you, are you ready to let all things false go? 

          I didn't have teachings or mentors to turn to concerning my situation. I had to learn every microscopic detail from Holy Spirit. I'm not complaining. The point is that's why it took me decades to put it all together. But you have this information at your disposal to refresh yourself when in the face of issues. In a year, after you've completed the entire program, you can go back to any module at any time as encouragement that will help you recenter. At least, I hope you would. I believe that's what God intended.  
          I say all that to encourage you that if depression is a serious battle, you can use this as a resource to remind you that the Helper is IN YOU. The Authority is in you. Cry out to the Authority. Ask Him to rise. Then stand up and praise Him with vigor. Get excited over God being in you. And praise Him. And praise Him more. And keep praising Him. Let God manifest His power! Let Him shoot bolts of lightening at the enemy and route evil! 
          If you do have depression in your history even if you do not have it right now, please make a special note of this module and ask God to remind you to reflect upon it if you find yourself severely tormented by depression.
​          Amen.