Section 2
Lesson 6

Routing The Enemy: Power Like  A Lightening Bolt

          Though I didn't realize it, I lived in a state of discouragement for decades. It was my normal (and to my defeat). But now I recognize it and discern this same heaviness is upon my brothers and sisters. And I'm here to say... it is NOT normal. In fact, it's a place. Moreover, it is being 'displaced' from God's kingdom! 
          If you are discouraged, I'm not going to tell you the issues of life that have you feeling this way aren't real, but I will tell you that you're hope is not in what goes on here. I'm not preaching something I don't practice. Trust me, I still have plenty of aspects of my life that displease me. Things I deeply dislike and wish would change - and even things I want to up and walk away from. I wait on the edge of my seat sometimes for things to finally break forth only to discover it's not going to happen and that I'm still in the same boat, with no end or answer in sight.
          It's old, already. But let me tell you, even in disappointment I no longer live in discouragement. Because beneath my aspirations for things here in this life, my deepest hope is in my forever tomorrows in Paradise. I have such internal satisfaction in this which outweighs all of my greatest desires for this life! Sincerely! And I want to pray that you would come to this place, into this kingdom of God place, too.
          Heavenly Father, The last thing I wish to do is undermine the pains of this life because they are very real, but I now know that we do not need to be perplexed or forlorn by the temporal things of this life, and I'm asking you to impart this knowing to every member of this program as well. Father, it's in knowing the truth whereby we are free, according to your Word (John 8:32). So, please, impart this truth deeply into this member's soul right now. Without this truth taking hold, we remain devastated at the let-downs of life. Please deliver ODJ Members from the propensity of the heaviness and discouragements of life.
          Father, please help every ODJ Member to come into an eternal mindset and to stay there, even as the disappointments of life occur. 
          But Lord, I also know that sometimes our discouragements are because we get hung up on what we want or need. We want or need something so desperately that life is unbearable if we don't acquire it, and it's all we can think about. Sometimes all we crave is relief from struggle and injustice which is certainly understandable. But we're so desperate for relief or fulfillment that we become devastated and over-run with despair for lack of it. If this is the case, to any degree, even subconsciously, for any ODJ Members, oh God, please help them see that it is idolatry to chase anything - including justice or relief, because it's loving (wanting) something more than you and our eternal hope.

          I know it's so easy to idolize and idealize the things of this life. Especially when we have a history of let-downs and hurt. This compels us to chase satiation all the more. But Father, I know now that we must put everything into your hands, rest in you, and trust you with it. Even if it means continuing on the path we dislike, or going without. Especially since you often use these circumstances to refine us as gold. But meanwhile, Father, I ask you to deliver them from the pain and dysfunction of the soul which makes one vulnerable to desperation and idolatry. Show them how to truly rest in you concerning everything. And restore them to a healthful perspective where there's no more need to compensate or fill voids. 

          Meanwhile, if there are things going on in their lives that you have not authorized or approved, Father, I speak to these matters right now. Father, YOUR will be done for every ODJ Member. Please correct every situation. Please uproot the wrong and make things right. Please send forth the resources and provisions where they have been thwarted, stolen or veiled. Father, whatever you intend, make it so. Deliver your children from evil, I pray.
          Thank you so much for being there for us, Father. You are such an amazing God. Now I ask you to fill everyone with this truth and lock it down. Help all ODJ Members come out of the propensity for discouragement but to instead, live in the joy of your kingdom - regardless of the disappointments of this life. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

          Now, whatever it is that may be going on, whatever the mess your life may even be in at the moment, the best way to see things come to order and the best way to experience the all that God appoints unto you is to fix your eyes on your eternal hope and rejoice. Even and especially if things are lousy right now. So, please... give the mess to God as well as all that you are longing for right now. Put it into His care... be still... and delight in your future with Him.