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ODJ Member's Husband Met Jesus Face to Face!

My Visit To Heaven
By:  Michael Cox

This is my story about the day I died and my experience of Heaven.

Heaven - Paradise. It is a very real place. Jesus is the Son of God. The only true way to Heaven is by faith in Him and acceptance of His sacrifice on the cross. I know. I’ve embraced Him.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him will never die but have eternal LIFE."  John 3:16.

I'd had a busy day doing maintenance at our remote beach property. It was around 4 pm when my wife asked me if I wanted a cup of coffee, I said that I had finished preparing the roof for painting and would be right down. As I started to climb down the ladder I felt it move. I grabbed the gutter to slow my fall and ended up swinging into the open window and impaling my lower leg on the open aluminium window frame.  I fell about 2 meters to the deck below with the window and frame still embedded in my leg. Without thinking I pulled the frame from my leg immediately, severing the major femoral artery. Instantly, the blood started squirting from my body and straight up into the air.

My dear wife saw the whole thing happening and rushed to my aid. I went into shock and fainted. She apparently placed my hands around the gaping wound and told me to press hard while she sped off inside to find something to use as a tourniquet. I have no memory of her returning but she applied a belt around the lower half of my leg just above the knee and pulled tightly, at the same time she called for help. My elderly mother-in-law who was staying with us was then asked to call the emergency services.

A nearby neighbor heard my wife crying for help and rushed over to assist. While she was running up the property my wife sensed somebody on the deck and looked up to see a man standing beside her. He said his name was Peter and that he had come to tell her everything would be okay. My wife turned as our neighbor arrived but when she turned backto Peter, he had simply disappeared. Our neighbor insisted she hadn’t seen anybody on the deck at all. We believe he was an angel sent from heaven to reassure us.

Finally the emergency services arrived and when they saw the blood and the severity of the wound, immediately called for the air ambulance to take me to the nearest hospital which was over an hour's drive away.

The emergency paramedic took my heartbeat and it was down to 17 beats per minute- definitely not enough to sustain life. My veins were collapsing and my body was shutting down. By this stage I was finding it very difficult to breathe. I felt myself slipping away and my sight was the first thing to shutdown. I was aware of people around me, I could hear them but not see them. Everything in my body was closing down from severe blood loss. They eventually found a vein and proceeded to but saline fluid into my body, but as fast as it went in it came out the gaping wound.

By the time I was loaded onto the helicopter I had had 8 liters of fluid infused into me. I sensed my wife beside me and the paramedics trying to help, but it was as if I was drifting away from them. I tried to see my wife but instead just sensed her beside me. Apparently I was lying with my head in her lap. I remember telling her I loved her and she tells me she heard me struggling to breathe and then I was still and she knew my spirit had left me. I also cried out the name of Jesus very quietly just before I was still.

The next thing I recall is seeing all these people dancing, singing and rejoicing. I thought this was strange as I was unaware I had died and thought it was the people who had arrived to help me. I remember calling out to them, ”Hey guys help me I’m dying!”. But, of course, I had already begun my journey to Heaven. I felt an incredible peace. My body was light and I felt absolutely no pain, unlike when the accident happened. I remember travelling up through the middle of this crowd of people, who seemed familiar but I don’t recall any of their faces. I now believe it to be the crowd of witnesses who were there to welcome me to Heaven.

I was drawn to this incredibly bright light that, as I moved upwards, it became increasingly brighter and brighter. In the distance I could make out a figure and as I moved closer towards it, it became apparent to me it was Jesus. He was wearing robes of the most vibrant white that seemed to just glow. He carried such authority but radiated love and peace. His whole body just glowed with light. This light emanating from Him was so intense I could not make out his full face, but I was aware of Him smiling at me and it melted my heart. There are no words to explain how I felt or the peace that engulfed me.  Jesus held out His arms and I fell into His embrace and at that moment I knew that I was home, that I belonged here and always had, and that I was never meant to be separated from God. 

After some time, He released me and He gently raised his left hand and spoke my name. “Michael, you must go back, it’s not yet your time.” I didn’t want to leave. This place was beyond description and to this day I can not find the words to adequately describe the perfection and sheer beauty of Heaven. The colors were way beyond what we are aware of here on earth. Everything and everyone was perfect and there was no way I wanted to return to earth.

The next thing I was aware of was excruciating pain and being able to see the paramedics getting me ready for the air ambulance. I was still drifting in and out of consciousness but they had managed to stem the bleeding and get fluid into my body and stabilize me enough for the flight to hospital.

While all this was happening at our beach house, a good friend of ours had been out near where we were enjoying a day trip to the beach. On her journey home she felt God urging her strongly to detour down a road and follow it until He told her to stop. She ended up at Aotea Beach (where I was dying) and under God’s Holy Spirit prompting, drove until He told her to stop outside a house where there was an ambulance and Fire Engine. She didn’t know it but she was right outside our property praying. God is so good and cares so much that he directed her to pray for me at the time I need it most.

Finally I was loaded onto the helicopter for a ten minute flight where I again died from blood loss and in desperation to save my life they performed a transfusion directly into my jugular vein. I remember being above my body looking down on them as they did this. I could make out clearly the doctors and nurses, hear what they were saying, and see my lifeless body on the bed. I saw an angel beside me. Once again he told me it was going to be okay and I would live, that it wasn’t yet time for me to come home. They then rushed me into surgery and after an 8 hour operation they reconstructed my leg and miraculously avoided amputation.

During my time in the hospital I again was given glimpses into the spirit realm and saw angels surrounding my bed. Nurses would come into my room and not want to leave because of the peace they felt and the beautiful sweet aroma that was there day and night. When I died and journeyed to heaven I had a large skin cancer on my nose which had been removed twice previously but kept reoccurring. I noticed three days after the accident that it had completely disappeared and to this day has never returned. There isn’t even a scar on my nose. This experience has completely changed my life.

Heaven is our eternal home and is very real. Jesus is our Savior and has reconciled us to Father God through His sacrifice on the cross. We were never meant to be apart from Him. I will spend the rest of my life telling people about this amazing God who is real, who loves each and everyone of us with an intense deep love, who does miracles and heals us and has prepared for us the most beautiful home.