Section 1
Lesson 2

Back To The Father

          Imagine that instead of being born as an infant without full mental capacity and awareness, you came straight from the Father into this life as a full grown adult, fully conscious from whence you just came. 
          And from where did you just come? Well, before the Father breathed your soul out from His majestic, infinite, all glorious center, you were in a place of eternal love. You were surrounded by splendor, glory, holiness,  and perfection. It felt so wondrously peaceful, so beyond words. You were completely safe, engulfed in the totality of the holy One who loved you beyond measure; never experiencing even an inkling of distress, worry, concern, or pain. The glorious One upheld you in the mystery of His ancient grandeur. There was no such thing as failure and defeat, shame or distress. What were such things?  Was there anything beyond blissful rest and security? What was it to labor and toil? What did that even mean? What was it to be agitated or provoked? What was it to feel jealous, lonely, rejected or abandoned? What would having a thorn in your side possibly feel like? These were all unknown, because there was no such thing. You were in perfect harmony with the Author of wonders, swimming in a sea of ecstasy, peace and divine love. This was all you ever knew.
          But suddenly, you were breathed into an earth body as a full grown adult, completely and instantly aware of the profound, unexplainable shift from eternal bliss into perpetual darkness. You see portals of the light of bliss from which you just came.  You see shadows of the goodness of glory in the canvas of the earth. But apart from these random light portals and shadows of glory, the energy of the atmosphere is unstable and contentious. It's ladened with heaviness. Though you have no idea what it is, you smell the stench of rebellion and discord in the breeze. The odor of the liar and sin violently assault your nostrils and knocks you off your feet! You are in complete shock and despair! Where is perfect peace? Where is complete love? Where is the Author of the very glory you'd always known? And what on earth will you do?
          After some time, the shock wears off and because you KNOW what you KNOW to the contrary of this horrific illusion, you're relentlessly determined to find your way back home! No matter what it takes. You must find it and enter back into that perfect place! And nothing can stop you because you know where you came from is real and supreme, and that where you are now just isn't right! You don't understand the why or the how of this alternate reality, but you do know beyond a shadow of a doubt... it isn't your home. It is not your destiny. And nothing will stop you from finding your way back.
          You are quickly drilled on the requirements of living in this finite place where, if you do not work and acquire resources to care for yourself, you could die. So, you submit to the requirements of earth. You find a job and you go about the details of earth living.
          But you've got something far more pressing on your mind. In your coming in and going out, you're constantly on the alert, looking for that way back. Looking for the glorious One from whence you came. You know He's out there. But where? And how do you get back to Him?  Despite the number of days, weeks, years and even decades that pass, this is your utmost desire. This is what you seek more than anything. You do what you have to do in this life. You make the most of it. You put your best foot forward towards the best outcomes.  You even acquire a spouse and experience carnal things that didn't exist where you came from. And it, along with other pleasures of this life, are good. But, they're just par for the course. What you really want is to go back to that place in that One, that glorious One from whence you came. Because nothing else compares. You never chase and strive for success or wealth, though you come into it just the same. You're never concerned with the things of this world. You certainly don't obsess over them. They are just par for the course and never become pressing, or first... because they just don't compare to what you know.
          Unfortunately, we don't have the luxury of remembering where we come from. Otherwise, we'd be in hot pursuit of the Father and the things of this life would not take His place.
          As it it, when the Creator breathes a soul out from His wondrous self, He sends it into a tiny, virtually mindless, body so that there is no shock to the new, very harsh, surroundings. So that it will gradually acclimate to the disturbing new atmosphere. So that one day, when it begins wondering about the meaning of life and how all things began, it will hopefully begin its pursuit to find its way back home. 
          Unfortunately, the soul also took on the corruption of the darkness which could terribly hinder its subconscious knowing that there is, in fact, an Author over its existence. Plus, the soul is limited by its carnality. It cannot discern God because its spirit is dead. So rediscovering God is challenging, to say the least. Aligned with darkness, dominated by a sin nature, and only knowing how to pursue and satisfy the desires of its flesh almost forbid a soul from isolating the truth. Is there any hope?
          For the souls that say, "Wait... I just know there's something more!", yes, there's hope. Because deep inside of them, beneath all the corruption, is a knowing. Deep in the recesses of the subconsious, they remember. And God, in such honor and tear-filled delight that you remembered Him despite the separation and inundation of a false reality, quietly responds to that soul's innermost being,
          "Yes, my dear child, you're right. And how I've missed you so much. I sent you away to see if you loved me enough to come back home. And, you do! And though we must remain apart for awhile, rejoice, because I sent the power of my spiritual government into your world for you to lay hold of. I made a way through the death of my Son to bring you back here to us. But... you must believe and seek to find me with all your heart, and you will. And because you only understand the government of earth life and even the kingdom of darkness wherein you have been living, you must seek to learn the reality of my government and the truth of your real home and destiny. Don't remain compelled for your earth reality as you have understood it, but get to know your eternal reality. This must be your greatest desire now. Not the things of carnal life. Yes, you will continue to live and experience the things of the finite realm, but don't overly esteem them any more. They are temporary and don't compare to your eternal home and destiny. So, with all your heart, keep your mind on Me. Learn everything you can about me, inclulding all the precepts, statutes and nature of My kingdom. Seek to lay hold of your new, royal identity. Discover who you really are and let my light shine in you unto all the earth. And I will put My Spirit and power in you to teach, comfort and guide you back into perfect peace and safety, with authority over the darkness in the world where you live, until it's time for us to be together here again forever."