Section 2

"Be It Unto You According To Your Faith"

Well, I've always been resolved, it's just been a matter of knowing "how" to apply my faith. Like I said, I knew how to tell a wart or virus to go but haven't fully known "how" to address the EMFs since, like I said, "but it's just a law of nature, not a trespassor, such as a sharp blade or stepping on a bumble bee or being stoned" wherein the only thing my mind has been able to be resolved for is "well, you avoid these" just as Jesus left the crowd that was about to stone him or how we where shoes or take care to watch where we walk if barefoot to avoid stepping on a bee", for example. Or, you take measures God provides to protect you, be trusting He'll provide the way of escape (such as Jesus leaving the crowd) or He'll point out "watch for the bee" or he'll have our angel move us an inch to the left so the blade doesn't hit us, etc. THAT's been my "security, believing that because God obviously does allow for me to remain here in this house (and not that He WANTS me here), He'll provide by saying "be aware, look out for this, or use this to help" etc. - So bottom line is it is more sorted now. My faith that He's helping me while here has been my resolve. But the kinks I've had have been that I haven't fully known how to apply my faith to also not accept the EMF harm since it seems contradictory to believe that and not also that all laws of nature don't have to apply to me. Seriously, it's wrong to believe for one and not all. But yes, my soul feels more "sorted" on it all.
Momma  [💕]
And since I didn't know how to apply my faith concerning the laws of nature, I was only partially receiving the benefits of being in God's kingdom. My soul's faith position has been, "God loves me and is revealing what is going on AND is providing understanding how to counter the infllux of EMFs in this day and age so I can teach others" which has been right. But the fact remains I also do not have to receive the harm, too, but haven't resolved on how to "not receive the harm" of the EMFs. Like I did when I went to Texas, taking the resolve that God is my shield. But for some reason it isn't 100% in me because I still couldn't reconcile, well, if his being my shield protects me from an invisible EMF fire, why can these other things still happen? You see? But, now I'm understanding better that, yes, God is my shield, I'm the one that has to take it up and I can do that more definitively now that Jesus told me it's not that I'm in a Jesus bubble (auto shield) rather, it's that I have to claim the exemption which is the same as "taking up" the shield. His telling me I must claim the exemption is what finally made sense and latched on in my soul, so that is why, now, my resolve is complete whereby I not only trust that He's helping me while I am here in this house, revealing how to counter the blasts, but now also, that I can claim an exemption to the blasts.