Section 2

We Cannot Be Blessed ---Unless We Rest

​          The Lord has revealed that the strategies of the dark kingdom have programmed people's souls to not trust Him. To doubt that He truly cares and is there for us. To doubt that His love is unconditional. To doubt that He hears us. To doubt that He protects us.

          My husband always used to say, "I know God can. But will He?"

          In one sense, it's a fair question because sometimes we ask things that God can choose to say no to. But in another sense, the bigger reason my husband used to ask this is because he wasn't secure that God absolutely wanted to bless and prosper him. He didn't know this in His heart of hearts. This is one form of not trusting or resting in God.

          Now the way the dark kingdom programs people to not trust God is by making it appear that God is not around. Or worse, by instituting patterns of let-downs and defeat in people's lives while Satan still has dominion (legal rights). Most people grow up under the dominion of darkness. And the children who are born with ministering spirits (Hebews 1:14) assigned to them because they are heirs to salvation are then targeted by the minions assigned to the household. In fact, new demons will be sent onto the task force of that household and personally assigned to the heir of salvation to learn the vulnerabilities of that child and strategize to program their soul to doubt God. This way when they find Jesus, their soul will be a mess and not fully connecting to the Lord via faith.

          A soul that is programmed to anticipate let-downs, injustice, rejection, defeat (you name it) does not trust God. Even souls that don't have histories of trauma or other major issues still experience things in this life that suggest God doesn't always show up or hear them. So, all these souls become confident, instead, in what they have always experienced. God's supopsed "absence" as well as any injustice or rejection (for example) is what they understand to be reality. And seeing God not show up to spare them from the injustice is what they know as truth. They don't reallize it wasn't that God failed them, or that He wasn't there. It was that He had no legal jurisdiction. It wasn't that God didn't show up to protect them. Rather, He was all too painfully aware of the injustice and strategies of darkness at work against them. And even more painfully aware that the household allowed the enemy to have charge - keeping the child from His love, helps, and protection.

          Could you imagine being the Creator of all things, supreme master of the universe, but seeing your heir dominated by darkness and having no legal jurisdiction to step in yet (unless someone prays for them which He's always trying to unction people to do) because the household rejects God? Indeed, God is the one that set things up this way, so He brought this agony upon Himself. But He had to set it up this way - in order to gain a true family. Had God made it that He would step in to protect everyone from the strategies of darkness, there would have been no need for a devil in the first place. God is the one, after all, that sent Lucifer to the earth. God is responsible, then, for evil. But what we fail to consider is that He's the one that suffers the most for it. Yet, He chose for evil to be a part of how things go here in order to give humans a choice. God is not a dictator. Some might think it is cruell to create a world and put evil in it. But they do not revere God's sovereignty. First, He can do as He pleases. He made everything. We're all the subjects of His creation. Who are we to presume to have an opinion as to how He did things? Second, you can't have truth without their also being a lie. God always was and will always be. And He is truth. But what of it if there's no contrast? If everyone is born into a world of truth with no contrast, how can they have free will? Perhaps if you were the creator, you might prefer to not give anyone a choice or free will and you'd make everything to always be perfect. Let everyone be born with no potential to sin or oppose truth. Then everyone go to Heaven and be with God forever. -But then what's the point of earth at all if God made us robots?  And who wants paradise to be full of robots? Yet, instead, there will be so much more to Heaven because of how God set things up.

          But back to the point, because we do have free will, if a household does not put God in charge, He legally cannot step in when the dark kingdom implements strategies against the heirs of Christ. So they grow up adopting a belief system in the fact that God doesn't show up. Once they are born again, their soul continues to operate out of the faulty belief system - which doesn't trust God. 

          Consequently, they strive after everything because they subconsciously doubt God is there for them. This was my case. Decades ago when I learned via the book of Deuteronomy that the work of my hands should be fruitful and it wasn't, it was because I was not at rest in God. I strived after well-being, freedom from poverty, financial stability, success, being understood, being believed, being believed in, justice, being accepted, being approved of, looks, marriage, and more. Indeed, I had been born again which required sincere faith. But my faith in Christ wasn't complete. I believed He died for my sins, yes. I knew Jesus was God in the flesh. But my soul didn't believe He was personally there for me. So, as God told me years ago... "You believe, but you don't believe, Paula".  And the part of me that didn't believe strived after everything because I didn't believe God would work on my behalf.  I wasn't secure in God. So, I was able to be defeated by darkness.

          But today, I'm at rest. Because God revealed the unbelief and false programming in my soul, and because He taught me where I wasn't operating according to truth, my soul is now SECURE in God. No matter what goes on, I trust Him in ways I never did during those decades of defeat.  Consequently, I do not strive after anything any more (for the most part) and I'm connecting to all the blessings God has and always did have for me! I'm prospering in every way now even as my soul has prospered - just like the Bible says in 3 John 1:2. 

          However, I must confess that at this point in my growth, I do still have bouts of deviation where I'll start to strive after something. But God corrects me and reminds me to rest in Him. To be still. 

          In fact, there have been a couple instances this past year where I was working on projects (one being ODJ Program) and in the course of things, got swept away and began getting frustrated when I couldn't get something right or figure it out. And I'd be praying, "God, what's the answer??? This isn't right! Show me, please!" To which He said, "Paula, the answer has already been given. You asked, I answered. The answer (resource, insight, wisdom, details, etc.) is right there at your disposal. You don't need to keep asking Me. The first time you asked, I responded to you!  You're just not seeing (or hearing) it because you're not resting in Me. You are striving again... regressing back to thinking you have to figure this out for yourself and relying on me like some Genie in a bottle, because you're regressing back to doubting that I am here for you. Don't forget, I really am on your side. I'm sincerely there for you 100%. I desire to bless you more than you desire to be blessed! Be secure in Me, Daughter, be confident that I've got your back, and you will see (or hear) your answer as soon as you ask of Me."   --- The last time this happened, I immediately repented for doubting God, resolved in my heart that He was there for me and would show me the way, set the project down to prove my trust, went to sleep, and woke up with a visual picture in my mind of the answer! This has actually happened several times! It's been so exciting learning to trust and rest in God! He's so cool!

          Trust me that what I'm teaching you is true. I have been experiencing this left and right.  All we have to do is rest in God. My friend, all the striving has to go. Repent of the unbelief in your soul that God is really there for you. Of course, you didn't intentially doubt Him. It's not like you programmed yourself to not trust God. But we still must repent for it not because it's to our shame, but because it is contrary to truth. Repenting is rejecting the lie. It's establishing that you no longer agree with it.

          Are you ready to see the works of your hands become fruitful? Are you ready to become the lender and not the borrower? Are you ready to be more and more blessed so that you can be more and more of a blessing?  Then here's what you need to do:

​ 1) Repent for the unbelief in your soul and all the years of "believing God, but not believing God"; not trusting Him

  2)  Repent for all the striving after everything you've done

  3) Ask God to expose whatever is in your soul that still believes all the devil taught you, and what it is that compels you to strive, taking matters into your own hands, trying to figure things out on your own

  4)  Declare to your soul that God cared about you all the years that you were dominated by darkness, that He wanted to be there for you in every way, and that it hurt Him to see you suffering under its dominion

  5)  Declare to your soul the truth, that God really is there for you 100% and meditate upon this constantly until it sinks in

  6)  Make a list of all the things you tend to strive after so to recognize if you fall into it

  7)  Ask God to convict you when you operate out of doubt, striving after things on your own, even relying on Him like a Genie out of a bottle in the process

  8)  Repent the moment He corrects you

  9)  Stop striving immediately

10) Rest in God 

Scriptures establishing that we who walk with God are super blessed are:

  • Deuteronomy 2:7
  • Deuteronomy 7:13
  • Deuteronomy 7:14
  • Deuteronomy 14:29
  • Deuteronomy 15:10
  • Deuteronomy 23:20
  • Deuteronomy 24:19

          Just be sure to find out whatever it is in your soul that is preventing you from being fully secure, confident and at rest in God. And realize - the more confidence you truly have in God, the more the goodness, plans, blessings, resources and provisions He has for you can manifest. Striving is a blockade which keeps you from laying hold of or hearing all that God has for you.  ~So rest, my friend. Rest in God. Amen.

          I don't know about you, but when I was a baby Christian and found out how Deuteronomy said that those who follow and obey God are super blessed (see all the scripture references below), I believed it. So, I expected that since I followed and obeyed God the best I knew how (and repented when I failed), then everything I put my hands to should be fruitful. And that I should be the head and not the tail. I was a daughter of the Sovereign King, after all.

          Obviously to live and breathe and have our being is the most basic form of being blessed. The rains falling to the earth are a blessing. The sun's rays hitting earth are a blessing. So, there are trillions of ways each and every human being on earth is blessed. (See Psalm 145:9, Matthew 5:45 and Acts 14:17.) But I believed that because I belonged to the Mighty One, He would bless me beyond the basics so that I could be a blessing in the earth and also be an example of the profound greatness of God (Psalm 67:1-2). Not that I wouldn't face trials, but that I would be notably blessed despite them.

          As you may know by now, this was not the case for me. Depsite being a Christian, everything I put my hands to was dead. Everything I tried went nowhere. You could put me into a room full of people with the same level of aptitude, ambition, intelligence, and talents and watch as their efforts blossomed, taking them beyond the four walls of that room, but see me still standing there at the end of the day. Despite being a daughter of the King, there was blockage and interference with whatever I did. How could this be?

          We'll talk about that but first let me reveal that this is no longer the case. It took decades, but bit by bit, God walked me out of the defeat. (Now I'm teaching you to do the same and it won't take decades to learn.)  I learned the reason why, despite being His daughter, the dark kingdom was able to barricade me. However, now when I put my hands to something, it's fruitful. And I'm seeing that I'm becoming the head and not the tail. The lender and not the borrower. The tide has turned! Why? What's different between the decades of being defeated as a daughter of the Most High, and now?

          There were many things I had to learn but the culmination of it all is that I'm now at rest in God. Oh, if only I could convey the full meaning behind that statement. I'm blessed... The works of my hands are blessed... I'm becoming the head and not the tail... because I am at rest in God.

          Being at Rest in God looks like this:

  • Not striving after justice
  • Not striving after freedom
  • Not striving after deliverance
  • Not striving after a healing
  • Not striving after acceptance
  • Not striving after being heard or understood
  • Not striving after well-being, sustenance, or needs
  • Not striving after rewards or blessings
  • Not striving after ambitions or desires
  • Not striving after vanity, appearance, or looks
  • Not striving after your own way or being right
  • Not striving after riches
  • Not striving after success
  • Not striving after status
  • Not striving after promotion
  • Not striving after love, relationships, spouse
  • Not striving after a better or healed marriage
  • Not striving after answers from God
  • Not striving after direction, purpose or destiny
  • Not even striving after God!

​          Being at rest is living in a state of true peace and security in the Lord; it is trusting God from your belly.