Section 2

"God Seems So Silent In My Life"

"Dear Paula,
I am not sure if l am right, but since l have made up my mind to seek God more, l seem to be under attack at work, home and with family members. You definitely are. The enemy cannot afford to let you cruise into the manifest power and authority of God easily. The devil has systems in place working avidly to stir up dust and keep you where you are. There's no doubt about it. It appears to be intensifying to a point where l have been shocked by the unexpected outbursts and intense reactions l seem to be getting. Yes, exactly! I have been astounded with how vulnerable people are to be used in such insane ways. I'm shocked that people listen to such ridiculous lies of the devil. Not that I'm judging because I have listened to plenty of ridiculous lies myself. But when you're looking at things from the other side, it's shocking that this is how gullible we humans are to the works of the devil. And even though we know his agents are behind the outbursts or reactions and all else, it still hurts. I'm to the point where I'll say, "Wow, devil, you got a nice right hook in there. Clever. But I still know it's you and I choose to trust God and not cave to the pain you're using this person to inflict upon me. God's will be done." 

I have even been questioning myself what l have done wrong to experience such outbursts. That's just it - it's not about doing anything wrong - rather, because you are seeking God. Will the devil give you such a hard time if you weren't a threat? If you were busy doing things wrong? No, he'd leave you alone so you'll keep doing things wrong so that you won't ever manifest in the authority and power of God.
I also  become afraid because l struggle to  hear God''s voice in my situations, even though l have been a Christian for many years.  I still don't hear his voice and l still don' t know how to, even though l have read the module and have been praying about this. I even asked God why l cannot hear his voice if l am one of his sheep. This is something that  really worries me because l hear other Christians talk about how God speaks to them. Yet, l cannot confidently say the same of me. Not hearing his voice has  made me question if l am truly saved. I have prayed the sinner''s prayer many times. I still don't know his Holy Spirit or know God or his presence like l should. I therefore am never really sure if he is guiding my in life, even though l know his word says he does. I read the word whenever l can, but it is still just head knowledge. I have been praying and asking God to let his word become alive in my life. He seems so silent in my life. I'm not there with you to observe if there's more to it, but what you wrote here is definitely a huge part of the issue. Everything you said that's underlined shows that your soul is divided between faith and doubt. This was my problem - most everyone's problem. We know and believe in our minds what the Word of God says, but our souls don't believe it. Your soul goes by what it has experienced - which was God's silence.

Here's the rest of my reply in regular color:

See, Shelly, all the years you grew up in a household under the dominion of darkness, God was still very present. Your angels were there helping you in ways you cannot imagine because the dark minions, which had legal rights, were striving to do so much more harm and false programming than they got away with. But somebody somewhere was praying for you and your angels were allowed to step in to help to whatever degree. But the thing is, God wasn't silent, rather, He was silenced. Your ears were kept from being able to hear Him. God is always loving us, adoring us, saying sweet things to us, instructing us, guiding us. But the devil legally has systems in place to drown Him out!
This is the Lord answering you, Shelly, because I had NO idea what to say at the beginning of this email! None. I thought, "I can't possibly know why she isn't hearing your voice. Help me Lord." And boom, He opened my eyes to what you said.
All your life while the dark kingdom had legal rights, they made it look like the Lord wasn't there, that He didn't care, that He was silent. You have to come to terms with this. Your soul took on a false perspective that God wasn't there. Or that you couldn't hear him. This is what the enemy told you when you started pursuing the Lord. Because you were so insecure, they were able to continue fostering your false perspective even after you were born again. You remained vulnerable to the lie. You continued to listen, and by listening to the liar, you continued to give him a platform or rights to your life. Think about it, if you allow your neighbor that does drugs to come into your living room to snort drugs, then you've given him a place in your life. So, whatever he does while in your living room is on you. And that's what you've been doing with the dark system that's been set up and working in your life for years. You're still listening and entertaining their bull crap.
Everything that you said which I emboldened and underlined shows you are still listening to the liar. You "become afraid" and "really worry". You question your salvation. You "know" the Word says God guides you in your life (in your mind), but you "aren't sure".  ---These statements are all insecurity and doubt in your soul. I can say this because it was my case and now it isn't while I'm free. And it's a freedom that will never cease because I know what I know and can't unknow it. Once your soul KNOWS, there's no going back. So, we have to get your soul on board with the truth.
The first thing you have to do is realize your soul is under a false perspective based on all you experienced while the devil had legal dominion over your life. You have to reject the lies you took on that God was silent. He was NEVER silent. He was there, wooing you from day one. See the bag the devil put over your head and put the blame where it belongs. God was never silent. You CAN hear His voice. The only reason you haven't yet is because you continued to listen to the liar. You believe what the devil says. This allows them to muffle your ears. But I command the muffling to cease right now in the Name of Jesus Christ. I command the blockage in your ears to come out now, in Jesus' Name. I command your ears to be opened. 
Shelly, now it's up to you to see the false programming that you were under for what it was - a lie. An illusion. And next, know that worrying or questioning your salvation are all lies, too. This is what they tell you to keep you where you are! Tell them to shut up. I mean it. Do not be afraid. Jesus Himself commanded demons to be quiet. So when you get what you think are just thoughts, "Oh, maybe I'm not really saved! Or, "Oh, it doesn't seem like God is really guiding my life. I know the Bible says He does, but I'm just not sure..." Tell the minions to SHUT UP IN JESUS NAME. Stop listening to their lies. The Word says God guides you and HE DOES. But if you prefer to listen to a demon luring you to question this, then you won't be able to PERCEIVE God's guidance. 
The bottom line, Shelly, is you have to be confident in the truth. I guarantee you God is absolutely guiding you and speaking to you. But your doubt has forbidden you from perceiving Him. Repent of your doubt and do as I said - telling the demons to be quiet. And I assure you, you will perceive your Heavenly Father's voice. 
And let me tell you this... I hear God saying, "Yes she has heard me, she just didn't know it was me."
Just as you think the worrisome thoughts are yours while they are often from the devil, there are many thoughts you have, even dreams, that were God speaking to you. Have you ever been led to help someone, give them something, do something for them? Who do you suppose gave you that thought? Now foster this, give thanks for all the times He has spoken to you - even though you didn't know it. Increase your hearing by believing Him like never before and thanking Him for being there for you all those years in ways you never knew when the enemy had dominion.
This is your turning point Shelly.
God bless you on your journey,

So, to summarize... We all just need to recognize that the way we think, the way we percieve what's going on is quite possibly of demonic influence and false programming in our souls. 

Let's always be in the habit of assessing our thought life and perspectives, asking if they line up with God's Word or not. We're constantly listening to every suggestion of the enemy and need to stop. Such as it was with Shelly - listening to the notion that maybe she isn't really saved. Or, that God's silent or wondering if He actually is guiding her life.

Those are all doubt and insecurity and this ALLOWS THE DARK SYSTEMS TO MAINTAIN JURISDICTION.

Please watch your thoughts and ask God to show you where you are yielding to lies. 

Putting a stop to this will be ripping the carpet out from beneath the enemy in your life. It will be a turning point for you as well.