Section 2

Does God Seem Far Away? There's A Reason For It

          I'm going to step out on a limb and say that, despite every challenge, every situation where it has seemed God is more absent than present, that you are still convinced He is God despite it -because you've had profound moments of "connection" with Him through the years. Though I don't know when or how often you have experienced God personally, I believe you had to have at least once in order for you to be here doing this program.
          I've shared how we have spent years, even decades, esteeming the charades of the devil as reality. But that God's reality is the REAL reality. I know, that seems to make no sense, but it does. The "reality" of the devil is real, yes. But dark kingdom reality does not have to be "a" reality at all. In the least, not the reality of a believer. 
          What I'd like to drive home is... the dark kingdom realm or "reality" will only manifest if it is bought into, adhered to, or believed. That's why the devil has to work tirelessly to get the world to agree with, approve of, and yield to his kingdom and principles. Otherwise, the devil's reality WOULD NOT MANIFEST AT ALL! It would be as though it does not even exist!
        Likewise, God's reality can only manifest if it is adhered to and believed. Not because God is too weak to manifest otherwise, but because He designed things to work this way. God leaves it up to US to determine which reality we live!
          Let me repeat that... That which manifests in our personal worlds is contingent upon which invisible realm's policies, ideals and dynamics we mind and adhere to. You can take this to the bank:  The only reason darkness is getting away with perverting so much in this world is because humans have listened, agreed, approved, adhered, and yielded to it (or didn't know to take authority over the devil when he illegally infiltrated something). TRUE, humans have the sin nature. But evil is rampant because we have accepted and adhered to dark kingdom policies. Therefore, evil is no longer just present within human nature, but it is BECOMING MANIFEST PRESENT in all things. This is why the antichrist will soon take a global position over the earth. Because he has finally, after thousands of years of hard work, acquired global submission. Even despite Christ's kingdom coming to earth. The dark kingdom has brilliantly infiltrated the Church in such a way as to hold her back, keeping her powerless for the most part, so that he could acquire a global platform whereby the masses are in agreement with him one way or another, yet completely under his spell. That's why the world will bow to the antichirst!
          But realize... the hour has come for God to wake His body up, deliver her from the illusions, and raise her to power to do a mighty work amidst the rise of the antichrist - prior to her departure. To date, however, the devil has been doing well keeping the body of Christ distracted from who she is, thinking on things he wants us thinking on, seeing and handling things of the world through tainted perspectives, busy with self, struggling with problems, chasing this life, and more... all to keep us bewitched and from entering the REAL reality.​
          I know I'm repeating myself but it all leads to what I hope to get across here, which is that the more we come out of false perspectives and operating in false ways, the more we align with and experience the reality of God's realm! Sure, in this life we will have trials. But that's because we're in a fallen world that gives allegiance to the dark kingdom.  To the contrary, snapping out of the illusion we, the Church, have been in, and coming into alignment with the Father means we'll experience more and more awareness of the good of His realm, and "connection" to God!
          I can say this because it's what's been and still is happening to me. The more aligned I have become, where my core, my soul and actions, perspectives, reactions and outlook mirror and agree with God's dynamics, the more God is evident to me. The more noticeable His presence is, and the more His essence becomes my reality! Not only do I feel God's love for me which used to be a foreign concept that did not compute, but I feel the affections and passion He feels specifically for 'me' more, too! And His goodness is manifesting more and more in me and in my circumstances. His handiwork is so evident. I can see all these things He is strategizing and working out on my behalf! Best of all, it no longer feels like He's an absent parent that only loves me from afar any more! I'm telling you - as my perspectives have changed and aligned with the true reality, my life has, too! Once you become secure in God, the reality you've known which was dictated by darkness is nullified and your life takes a new form that's solid, sound, and whole!
          Now that's not to say God was absent and doing less for me while I was so dreadfully out of alignment with His reality. No. He was as passionate then as now. He was as intricately involved in every detail of my life then as He is right now. The difference was I COULD NOT DETECT  OR EXPERIENCE IT. There was an invsible chasm between me and all that God was to me! Therefore, He felt far away. Though I "knew" He was there, I could not sense Him the way I can now. It's like I was blocked from His presence!
          But again, the more I come into alignment and the more deceptions and false perspectives fall off like dead flies, the smaller the chasm becomes, and the more I sense and experience God's manifest reality.
          Think of it like this... Say you moved into a room in the spring when the weather was changing. The room has both heat and air conditioning which is set to maintain the room temperature at 72 degrees F, depending on whether it's cold or hot outside on a given day. The blinds are closed on the windows and all the doors are kept closed. If, for whatever reason, you stayed inside this room for months with nobody coming in or out, and no information as to what is going on outside, you would have no "sense" or "awareness" that right outside your room on Monday it was uncomfortably hot and humid while on Saturday the temperatures mysteriously dropped to nearly freezing. You would not have "experienced" either of these realities. Not that this typically happens but stick with me. All you are aware of is the comfortable room you are in. This is your reality. And because you don't seek to know otherwise, you are completely unaware of the REAL reality that's outside of the four walls you are in. This is because your understanding of reality is inflluenced, skewed, or "controlled" by the implementation of a furnace or air conditioning. And the walls, closed doors and blinds which shield you from the REAL temperature, serve as the chasm between your "controlled" reality, and the actual reality on the other side of the chasm.
          Now here's what we need to realize:  We've been duped into, lured into, and manipulated into just staying in that room. Though there are doors to exit (Jesus), we don't notice because our focus is strategically thwarted from them. Though we know there are blinds on the windows, it never dawns on us that we can actually open them. We just don't think of it. Why? Because the master over the room is controlling things, enticing us with this, preoccupying us with that, entangling us with this and getting us addicted to that.  We listen to the subliminal suggestions of the one in charge of the room. We yield to whatever distractions he provides or charades he puts on to keep us busy focusing on what he wants us focused on. And we're so gullible to all this because we're clueless that someone else is controlling things. We think it's just us. So we remain mindless about the fact that there's a reality beyond the four walls, and that all we'd have to do is ignore the one in charge of the air, wake up, snap out of it, and walk through a door into the REAL reality. But we don't... because we're comfortable where we are. And he entertains us so well.
          Just the same with God, He's right there but because we are so accustomed to the controlled environment, because we're so attuned to and acclimated to paying attention to all the noise and charades of the dark kingdom, that that's all we can see and sense. Even though we know about our Lord and learn many things about Him, and despite the fact that He breaks into the room to get through to you from time to time, we continue to live according to the dictates of darkness, the world we'd always known.
          What's worse is the enemy works diligently to suggest that the controlled environment of that room is the given, written in stone reality. He does this through suggestions in our thoughts, through assaults, through manipulating our soul wounds, through the lusts of our flesh, through our false perspectives, etc. He uses what we're most vulnerable and accustomed to, things that are sure to capture our focus and allegience. And we yield to these, which is the same as choosing to remain in that room, paying mind to whatever it is the dark kingdom uses to keep us under foot, so that we'll hopefully never grasp that we can leave it. So we unwittingly choose to adhere to and remain in the ficticious reality. True, it's real in that the air conditioner and furnace do cause the temperature to remain at a comfortable 72 degrees F. But that's not the real, non-manipulated temperature, is it?
          So please be encouraged that no matter where you are in the scope of your journey with God, know that the reality you have known where God may have felt like a long distance daddy, or perhaps like He doesn't care, isn't real. It's a controlled reality and one that, the more you come out of alignment with it and into alignment with God's, will be dismantled and replaced by God's reality where you'll experience HIM, His LOVE and His HELP unlike you have ever been able to like when you were stuck in that room. I guarantee you that the more the false things come off and out of you, the more you'll recognize the blinds that can be opened or the doors that you can go through.  The more you come into alignment with truth - which is the REAL reality, the more you will experience the manifest presence of God! And the more you sense that connection and His presence, the more secure and resolved you will be, and you will prosper in every possible way! Everything in your life will come to order and you will daily experience the manifest reality of God. Amen.​