Section 2

"Where Did All These Ghosts Come From?"
          ~You Are Not Alone

                    In 2010 I had finished writing what I thought would be my first book, Operation Python, Dethroning the False Prophet. Just as it was about to be published, the Lord told me to put it down - which was quite upsetting. But I knew He'd spoken and I was afraid to not listen. So I laid the endeavor down in February 2011 and it wasn't until January 2012 that God told me to pick it back up. Long story short, He had me rewrite more than half of the book, taking it to a whole new level. And I saw how I'd gained depth of insight over the course of 2011 which impacted the new manuscript. It was clear that God was intricately involved with this book.

          Now, what's interesting is in 2011 while the project was dormant, I had this dream...

          I was in the middle of a large, old school cafeteria full of tables from wall to wall. Nobody was in the cafeteria but me. I wondered what was going on so I exited through the double doors into the corridor outside the cafeteria. To my left was this massive set of stairs, like you'd see in very large schools. The steps were about twelve feet wide. And they were filled with students from ages 12 up to about 21. All of the steps were covered with students, shoulder to shoulder, and they all just kept coming down and proceeded into the cafeteria. 

         What's strange was every single student was despondent. Their heads hung low, and they all had blank, empty stares on their faces. They seemed to be dead like zombies as they all stoically made their way into the cafeteria.  All I could think was, "Where are all these ghosts coming from?"

          Why I asserted that they were ghosts, I have no idea. It's not like they were transparent. They were as real as humans can be, just so despondent that it looked like death, somehow.

          The next thing I knew, I was standing in the middle of the cafeteria again. This time the tables were filled with all the stoic students, and they were all looking at me. Meanwhile, all I continued to think was, "How can I see these ghosts?"

          Suddenly, an Asian or Indonesian girl that looked to be between 18 to 20 years old walked up to me. Again, all I could think was, "How am I able to see you?" as she approached. And then, as we stood there face to face with her staring deep into my eyes, saying absolutely nothing, I understood that in her mind, too dead to ask out loud, she was asking, "Well, are you going to help us?", Meanwhile, guess what I was thinking? That's right. All I could do is reach out, touch her arm and say, "How can I see and feel you if you are a ghost?" And that's when I woke up.

          My husband woke up, too, so I told him about the dream and how all these kids were ghosts, even though they didn't look or feel like ghosts. Holy Spirit spoke through him quickly, saying, "Those weren't kids, Paula, and they weren't ghosts. They were adults whose spirits were the age when something traumatic took place and shut them down. It's as if something in them died in their childhood, and they came to you to help them come back to life. What you were seeing is the part of their spirits that were dead."

          Wow, I understood right away. God was showing me the nature of the ministry that would develop out of the book that had yet to even be finished. And that's exactly what happened. When the book was finally published, I began receiving countless emails from people who were severely oppressed, even dead inside, hopeless, and defeated, just like I had once been, and just like the dream. Suddenly God's anointing was upon me in a way I'd never experienced and He began using me to enlighten fellow brothers and sisters as to the truths that they'd not yet seen, in order that they could break free from dark kingdom dominion and live full lives in Christ.

          Interestingly enough, a few years after the dream about the dead people coming to me for help, still remembering the cold, blank, despondent looks in their faces, God spoke to me one day that Satan succeeds at continuing to dominate children of God... through their souls.  That, as I explain elsewhere and repeatedly throughout this program, Satan sets up shop in the lives of children who will one day become born again. He sets systems into place to train their souls to respond to and continue to yield to him and his suggestions even after we give our lives to Jesus. And that he does this through many different tactics such as abuse, negligent parents, rejection, bullying, repeated trauma, and so much more - to gain control of their souls. The plan is to fashion a person's soul's understanding and perspective according to defeat and, especially, doubting God and His love, by shutting them down via ongoing adversity (which is beyond the "trials" the Bible says are to be expected). Then, when the negatively indoctrinated person finds Jesus, no matter how much their mind believes Jesus died for their sins and that God will never forsake them, their souls don't get it. Their souls will have a perspective all their own. And THIS would keep the believer partially in allegiance with the devil's kingdom, giving him legal authority.

          These are the people from my dream who love God but are stuck because of how the inundation of darkness from the enemy has stifled their souls. Though they are alive in Christ, yet, a part of them is still dead.

          Not everyone that wants to come into the full stature of Christ that signed up for this program has been as adversely affected as the believers in my dream. But I have learned that the "ghosts" are the severe cases of the body of Christ who help us to recognize the reality of the corporate body at large. Because, though not severely debiliated as these stoic souls were in my dream, the majority of believers are in the same boat, just to a far more subtle degree. Remember, as I shared earlier, even the non-severely oppressed believers are oppressed one way or another if we're not excelling in the truths of God's kingdom and Word.     

          Whether you were one of the believers in my dream or not, please know, the devil is not creative. He learns what works and runs with it. If he didn't have legal jurisdiction to pummel you throughout your childhood in order to brainwash your soul into submission to fear, defeat, and despair, he still did all he could to twist your perspectives and influence your belief system somewhere along the road. This explains why you still have yet to soar in the truths of God the way you long to.

          But for those who were in my dream, part of the programming you've taken on is you feel alone. Not as in completely isolated, necessarily. But as in you feel different, perhaps like an outcast, odd, and like you don't fit in anywhere.  You especially find it difficult to conect to other believers. (This is because you're coming from a deeper sense of things because of what you've been through that most don't get or care to.) But, the truth is you are not alone. And understand that though you may not find where you do, in fact, fit in, there are countless people that feel exactly the same way for exactly the same reasons. I talk to them almost every day. I guarantee, the believers of this program are the people you would connect with in that way that you can't seem to connect with most everyone in your immediate circle.

          And I also hope you'll understand that part of the reason you feel so odd is because of the crafty work of the dark kingdom that has been avidly working to program you this way all your life. You know, it doesn't take rocket science to know that if you continually manipulate or even badger a person from their infancy all the way up in to adulthood, that person will be programmed accordingly. Consequently, they might become insecure, afraid, feel unlovable, inadequate, needy, desperate, and more. And they might subconsciously anticipate and have confidence in (and even fear) the works of darkness more than they have confidence in and fear God, because that's how they've been trained. Regardless how many mind altering classes they take to learn how to be positive, to believe in themselves, to be confident, or whatever, something deep in their soul is stunted; stoic. And until their SOUL engages and connects with God's light and truth, they'll continue to operate in the same cycles, getting nowhere fast.

          As for the not-so-severely stoic, the same applies to you. Until your soul engages and connects with God's light and truth more succinctly, you'll continue to operate in the same cycles, getting nowhere fast.

          If you've been reading my books or teachings and have thought, "Wow, what she is saying is the story of my life!" (I've heard that too many times to count), the message I want to emphasize to you today is that you seriously are not alone.   Sure, we're scattered around the globe and can't get together for tea or a movie, which stinks. But, I've taken great comfort in seeing time and time again since 2012 that, despite there being almost nobody in my neck of the woods that relates to me in the things I teach or share with you about, I have countless brothers and sisters out there who do! Like you! The members of this program prove this.  

          On a side note, I created an exclusive member's blog for those who actually want to connect with like-minded believers. I hope you'll take the opportunity to post something if you're eager to connect. Just be patient with the blog because many of you will feel trepidacious about it at first. In the meantime, I just hope that if you don't have anyone in your world that gets you or relates to you in this regard, that you'll remember from this day forward that most everyone taking this program actually would get you in the ways that's hard to find! All everyone has to do is make themselves known via the member's blog. (The password to the blog is AlignNow. But please remember to not share it with anyone who is not a member!!!)

​          Blessings!